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How To Stain Concrete Floor?

If you are looking for an answer to how to stain concrete floor then Xtreme Polishing Systems has to be your choice! We have answers to all your queries.

Owing to our many years (15+ years) of experience and backed by our skilled staff we offer you the most professional services to create new or transform existing concrete floors into a deep marble or granite looking floors. We ensure the best results on behalf of our staff's diligent efforts and determination to follow stringent, coherent directions.

The professionals start with making sure that the concrete is unpainted, unstained and is porous enough to let the stains be absorbed properly. The unprepared floors are then cleaned thoroughly to get rid of dirt and grime as well as unwanted defects, markings etc. We usually vacuum the floor to pick up the bigger dust bunnies and then a mild detergent water solution to squeak clean the floors.

Next, we choose the most apt color for your floors from the color chart whilst the floor dries up. But before we get through with the entire floor, we do a test in a not-so-noticeable spot to ensure that the results will be what exactly they are expected to be.

One part of acid is mixed with four parts of water in a pan and by using the paint brush the acid stains are applied along the perimeter edge and at all seams. Then the acid stains are spread to the rest of the concrete making sure that it does not bubble on contact with concrete. Acid stains are left for almost 20 to 30 minutes to let the alkalinity of floors get neutralized. Different parts of concrete absorb stains differently resulting in richer, unique, custom looking stained concrete floors.

Finally the acid etching residues are cleaned thoroughly to ensure appropriate adhesion of the wax coating system.

How to Stain Concrete Patio?

Acid staining the patios is no different from staining the interiors apart from a few points that has to be taken into consideration whilst doing so:

The acid stains on the patios are not applied directly under the sun. Xtreme Polishing system professionals wait for a cloudy day as the direct sun will dry up the stains in lesser-than-expected time not giving enough time to blend the strokes.

Precisely the similar process holds true for staining outdoor concrete!

All in all, for any professional answers to your worries like how to stain outdoor concrete or indoor concrete floors, call Xtreme Polishing Systems at 1-866-812-9319 now! We have the skills and abilities to match the prospects of the job.