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How To Shine Concrete Floor?

Whether it's been installed indoors or out the doors, stained concrete floors are loved for their spectacular shine and beautiful appearance. However, due to the fact that they might attract dirt and grunge (even though gradually), they do need to be cleaned every now and then. This has to be done to ensure that your floors remain lustrous looking ever!

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We follow a step by step guide to 'How to shine concrete floors?'

Owing to recent developments in polishing equipments and techniques we swear to provide your floors the shine that you could not imagine; shine like linoleum or granite.

First and the foremost, any cracks or holes in the floors are filled with epoxy concrete fillers (the blend of epoxy, hardener and sand wherein the amount of sand is proportional to the breadth of the crack to be filled). The fillings are allowed to dry completely before starting with the cleaning and polishing procedure.

By using the wet or dry concrete grinders (depending on to the type of concrete as well as the intensity of grime) our professionals grind down the floors thoroughly. The dry grinders basically refer to grabbing the dust bunnies/ particles with a vacuum whereas the wet grinders use water for preventing dust from polluting the surroundings. A set of diamond abrasive discs is fitted to the grinder to shine concrete floor.

The grit levels of the discs or the number of sand papers are used in accordance to the intensity of the epoxies or amount of grime on the floor. However, it is started with the coarse grit (80 grit sandpaper/ disc) to level out the irregular floor whilst working the way to the finest grit (1500 grit sandpaper or disc for the highest shine). Proper circular motions are followed (and are overlapped) to ensure impressive shine all over the floor.

Eventually, stain resistant sealer/ polish are applied by using a paint roller or a paint brush to the floor so that it remains resistant to attracting dirt and dust. A resin bonded diamond abrasive grits can also be used to polish the floor.

The shine of the concrete floors is maintained by regular mild- detergent cleaning sessions. A small amount of mild detergent or dish soap in almost 20 gallons of lukewarm water is used for rinsing the floors.

A few more points suggested by professionals at Xtreme Polishing Systems:

  • We suggest not using vinegar or ammonia at all!
  • We prefer to use high-speed buffers with white pads for making concrete shine.
  • We suggest you to get your floors sealed every three to four years.

Although many of the others may have suggested you to do it yourself by taking help from guides on 'How to Shine Concrete Floor', we firmly suggest you to contact flooring professionals. The procedure may seem easy but requires skills to attain astonishing results.