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How To Remove Mastic?

Before we get to understand 'how to remove mastic off the concrete floor' let us know what mastic is.

Mastic adhesive or glue is usually an industrial/ constructive adhesive or ceramic tile adhesive. It is basically in thin liquid, thick glue or paste form used to stick ceramic or wooden tiles to the floors. It creates a seal making the floor waterproof and thereby is an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens and ducts. At times, it is spilled or dropped onto the tiled, wooden or concrete floors and has to be removed to maintain the beauty of the floors - of course, the stained floors seems to be a cosmetic nuisance.

Although it is strictly advised to wipe off the mastic before it dries, in case it is not removed, you should hire professionals to bring back your floors to sparkling lean looks.

Xtreme Polishing Systems could be your choice to make your job easier and quicker!

Since regular cleaning agents such as mild detergent solution fail to remove hardened mastic, we follow specialized methods to do it.

We use high quality mastic removers to remove white, yellow or even the black asbestos mastic off the concrete, wooden, tiled or carpeted floors. Our removers do not produce any odor or have any after effects on the floors or on the health of people living alike. The chemicals are sprayed over the mastic and are left over for some time; say from 20 to 30 minutes, in order to let it soften the mastic. There are different adhesive formulas available in the market but professionals at Xtreme Polishing systems use the safest Soya and Citrus based removers.

Once the mastic is softened it is scrapped off. All the essential safety measures are practiced whilst doing so to void any accidents.

To remove mastic from the concrete floors sharp blades (that look like razors) or resin-bonded diamond abrasive grits/ discs are also used by our professionals. They have an experience of getting away with even the toughest mastic adhesive or glue.

After removing the mastic, the floors are leveled by using sand papers. Any leftover mastic is buffed away delicately with sand papers whilst making sure that no harm is done to the floor.

The entire area is thoroughly cleaned by using lukewarm soapy water. It is left to dry completely before putting back the furniture that was taken away to avoid any damage.

Xtreme Polishing Systems has an industrial experience of almost 15 years and offers the most professional advice and suggestions to your questions like 'how to remove mastic' and others. We offer back-to-back flooring solutions at the best industry prices. You can call us at 1-866-812-9319 for detailed discussions.