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How To Remove Glue From Floors?

Xtreme Polishing systems here provide you a complete guide to 'how to remove glue from floors?'

Be it hardwood, tiled, or concrete floors, we have the most professional answers to all your flooring worries. We look at the type of glue and take appropriate actions to remove it. For instance, the experts opt for mineral spirits or chemicals for removing brown color tar based glue and usually scrapes or chip off the yellow color carpet adhesives.

Different methods are used to remove different types of glues.

To remove mastic (a thin liquid, thick glue or paste type organic compound used to adhere tiles) hot water may be used. It simply dissolves into the water/ mineral spirits and softens over the time of a few minutes. Finally the remaining glue is scraped off with a putty knife or scraper.

To remove mortar from the floors chisels and pries are used. Mortar is basically a Portland cement product that becomes tough and brittle over the period of time that results in irregular or uneven surfaces. The mortar needs to be chiseled or pried up whilst avoiding any damage to layers of floors below it. The end of pry or chisel is inserted beneath the larger chunks of glue/ mortar and a sufficient pressure is put on to it pulling them up off the floor (only professionals can do it with complete caution).

Vinyl tile glue is removed by using scrapers. The flexible adhesive hardens over time and thereby it becomes a challenging job to remove it. You may need professional assistance for this - professionals use a putty knife to scrape it off the surfaces. Although in order to soften it partly the professionals may prefer heating it before actually scraping it off, it requires a lot of patience. To soften the glue heat gun or iron may be used.

In any case heat gun, mineral spirits or hot water does not work on obstinate old glue or vinyl tile adhesive, chemical solvents have to be used. The chemicals or glue removers are sprayed over the glue and is left over for approximately an hour to break the glue down. Later the remaining glue is scrapped off.

A few more tips to remove glue from floors:

Whilst using the solvents or chemicals to remove glue proper ventilation has to be ensured. The chemicals may result in fumes or unbearable odor. By keeping windows open in the room, the harmful gases may be allowed to move out.

Most of the glues or adhesives contain asbestos fibers and thus removing glue off them by you is not advised - asbestos when made to contact with chemicals may cause after effects. If you suspect that your floor contain asbestos, better hire professionals for the job.

Once the glue is removed, the floors are to be leveled with sand papers or concrete grinding equipment or concrete polishers. The floors are to be sealed for preventing dirt and grime with good quality sealers.

It is advised to let the floors dry for at least four and twenty hours before moving in.