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How To Paint Garage Floor?

Your dusty concrete garage floor may seem to be a big nuisance to you! Or, you must be wondering how to paint garage floor! No worries. We can make it look spectacular and ultra-hygiene. Xtreme Polishing Systems offers you its services to paint your garage floor at the best industry prices.

Although the garage paint was initially developed for industrial use, our professionals have an experience to let your home garage floors benefit from it. We use the best quality, light color garage paints that are exceptionally tough, scuff and chemical resistant and quick drying. The paints (either one-part epoxy or two part epoxy) we use, seals the floors completely to prevent concrete dust as well as are able to resist hot tire pickup.

Before our professionals start with the painting procedure, they make sure that the area is well ventilated to allow the harmful fumes or unbearable odor to move out.

The concrete floor is first cleaned thoroughly to remove big and small dust bunnies. The area is swept, washed with warm water and mild detergent solutions and then with plain water. There may be oil, petrol, grease or chemical stains on the floor. To remove such stains 3:1: water: bleach mixture or industrial concrete cleaner or driveway is used. For tougher stains further pressure washer is preferred.

After cleaning the floors the team pries for cracks and repairs them using concrete or mortar repair or concrete patch compounds. It is made sure that the cracks are clean and completely dry before fixing.

Next, we check if the surface is etched enough to absorb the paint or not. If it is etched then the primer is applied directly to the floors, else, first 'fizzing' concrete etcher & rust remover is applied that split open the pores in the floor. It is made sure to leave the floor at least overnight for drying after applying etcher. The etched floor seems to be like medium grit, rough sand paper.

Once the floor is etched, the coat of primer is applied using a long-handled paint roller. The primer is allowed to dry for not less than eight hours.

Finally the garage paint is applied to the floor. Usually two coats of paint are applied whilst leaving the first coat for four and twenty hours to dry before applying the second coat.

Painting garage floor advice from Xtreme Polishing Systems:

It is strictly advised to you to wait about twenty four hours before walking on the newly painted garage floor and for at least a week before driving on it.

Only high quality, hard wearing epoxy resin garage paint should be used as it may last regular wear over time.