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How To Paint Concrete Floors?

Xtreme Polishing Systems has every solution to your worries such as how to paint concrete floors or for that matter any floor!

Do you have a room where you like not to spend time at all? Let us turn it into a room where you may love to spend hours together. By painting your concrete floors, we promise to turn up your rooms or just any place into a breathtaking place. Painting concrete floors is a fabulous way of sealing, dressing up and protecting the sturdy, dusty looking floors.

We start with preparing the surface which is the most important step. There may be dust and other things lying on the surface: they have to be swept off the floors. Flaking and loose paint; oil, grease, chemical stains are to be removed by using concrete cleaners or simply a mild detergent- warm water solution. Lest the floor is cleaned properly the floor paint will not adhere to the surface and will not last for a long period of time.

Next, the correct selection of the paint has to be made. We make sure only the appropriate type of paint is chosen for the concrete floors. For instance, for general warehouses, garages or showrooms the solvent based standard floor paint is ideal whereas for offices, homes or schools the original polyurethane formula paint is chosen.

The floor before painting should be made to dry completely and all the cracks and holes have to be filled with concrete fillers, epoxies or hardeners or concrete patch compounds. They need to be cleaned for removing gravel or dust and dried before filling.

The floors have to be rough than smooth and shiny to absorb the paint properly. If your surfaces have been painted earlier or are polished, we prefer etching it prior to applying paint. The good quality commercial concrete etcher is used for the purpose.

Once the floors are prepped and the paints are selected, a primer is applied to the floors to increase the adhesion of the paint to the floors. Using a sash brush it is started from the farthest corners working the way over to the rest of the area. It is left overnight to dry up.

Finally, the paint coat is applied to the floors. The gap of almost four and twenty hours is maintained between the two coats of paint.

Many of the contractors may suggest that painting floor is easier than you think. They may tell you that just by reading a 'How to Paint a Floor?' guide you may be able to do it yourself. But this is not always true. You may have to speak to an expert and hire a professional flooring solutions provider to achieve the desired results.

Xtreme Polishing Systems understands that different floors have different special factors and thereby have to be treated differently. We let you choose the color or tint of color you want and make your floors precisely the way you want them to look like - Magnificent!