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How To Make Concrete Floors?

Marble, granite floors can be expensive and carpet floors can be gross. Why not then replace them with more durable, sturdy and easy to clean and maintain concrete floors? However, making a concrete floor can be challenging in its own ways. Thankfully, we are here!

Xtreme Polishing Systems provides you relatively easier solutions to this problem of yours. Here we are to let you know how to make concrete floors. We have a team of seasoned professionals who make sure you have precisely what you want.

We start with prepping the area where the concrete floors have to be made. The entire site is surveyed for any footprints of the building, debris and unsuitable materials. Every such thing is removed from the subgrade. The ground is proof rolled and the disturbed soil is made compact and leveled. It has to be treated with a fungicide too. The doors and skirting boards are removed to avoid damage as well as for hassle free access.

Next, the forms are set for the concrete floors and infills are added. A spread footing is poured and concrete masonry units are laid up to finished floor grades. A damp proof membrane is laid over the soil whilst leaving enough space for reaching to the finished floor. Polystyrene insulation boards are laid to insulate the floors adequately. This is done to ensure that the 10% of building heat, which is lost during the process, is retained.

The mixture is spread over the area starting from the furthest from the door whilst laying the concrete in strips flattening it. The top most layers are screed to smoothen out any imperfections. By using the self leveling compounds the job is made easier; the timber battens are filled in between and are leveled with trowel to make it completely flat.

The surface is covered with polyethylene and is left over for not less than a week. Finally, the damp proof is trimmed and skirting boards are replaced. Your concrete floors are ready.

How To Make Polished Concrete Floors:

Once the concrete floors are laid, they can be polished for added sheen and beautiful marble-like finish. We use the highest quality floor polishers to bring your dusty looking floors to a new life. Starting again from the farthest from the door, polish is poured on the concrete floors and then is evenly distributed across the rest of the area using the polish brush. The steps are repeated till the soft, smooth, shiny and even layer of polish is achieved. After the polish is dried it is buffed to provide high gloss shine.