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How To Finish Concrete?

Although there may be many guides or books available but only experts could know how to finish concrete professionally. Finishing concrete is a process that has to be planned and executed carefully. Remember high skills and an experience of many years may be needed to deal with the variety of concrete mixtures.

Xtreme Polishing Systems have the both. We have an experience of more than 15 years of delivering industrial, commercial and residential flooring solutions. We understand that concrete floor can be finished in many ways depending on what you want: the concrete can be pattern-stamped or made to exhibit various colors and textures.

Once the concrete is poured and screeded, the floor requires floating or leveling.

We usually use two popular ways to finish concrete:

For smaller areas we prefer using float finish that includes moving the float (a wooden or metal tool used to level the concrete) over the surface when the concrete is still pliable. The hand float results in a textured surface.

We may also use large powered metal floats that moves over the surface in a circular motion resulting (again) in a textured floor with circular swirl marks. This process at time sis called planning.

Another method called 'skip floats'; 'bull floats' or 'easy floats' can be used to result in a smooth matte finish all over. The floating procedure includes pushing and pulling a large, long, narrow float over the surface. The skip floats results in smooth textured surface. However, care has to be taken whilst skip floating as if it is done too early then the bleed water may work into the floor weakening it.

To further smoothen, dense and harden the concrete steel trowelling is done while making sure that the surface is hard enough to retain the scoring impression.

After trowelling, the outside corners are rounded up with an edging tool. This is done to prevent cracking and making the concrete look more attractive and finished. Any ridges between the float are smoothened.

Now the floor is smooth, it has to be roughened up a bit to prevent slips. A stiff broom is passed over the entire area to leave behind the impressions and making the surface ideal for walking or driving.

We make sure to lay your concrete floors on not-so-hot days as it may have to be cured for granite hard strength. In fact, to make sure that it does not dry up quickly it is covered with plastic sheeting. It is kept moist for at least three days and after almost half a month a concrete sealer is applied to the floors.

All our professionals are trained in how to hand finish a concrete and thus provide the most professional finish to your concrete floors.