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How To Finish A Basement

You might have never wondered that you could convert your basement into a more livable space. You might have been calling it with different names: dungeon, down there or simply a not-so-much-to-remember place. The fact is that you could get it turned into a livelier place to add value to your homes. However, for this purpose you may require a proper plan and a careful execution of the entire procedure.

Call Xtreme Polishing Systems now and let us provide with a chance to utilize our experience and knowledge of how to finish a basement for giving your basement an ultra-swank look.

We, first of all, prepare a proper floor plan - we measure the entire area and decide what precisely you want it to look like and how do you want to use it. The plan is made to include the location of new walls, lighting, doors, windows, heating ducts etc. Our consultants provide you with the latest ideas and the most cost effective solutions for finishing the basement.

Next, the basement is cleared of all the clutter and dirt. The place is swept or vacuumed and then washed with warm water and detergent solution. It is then washed with plain water to remove the residue of the soapy water. For harder stains the place is cleaned with pressure washer, concrete cleaners, Degreasers or acid mix. The cracks in the floors or walls are further fixed with hardeners or concrete patch compounds.

Getting rid of the moisture is the next important step as it may result in a failure of finishing the basement. For this purpose a masonry water purifier or dehumidifier is run inside the basement. Proper ventilation is maintained in order to let the basement dry completely. We also make sure that there are no water issues that could cause damage in the future. The ground slopes away from the foundation walls. To prevent moisture in the wall furring strips are installed on the walls so that at least half inch space is maintained between the interior and exterior wall. We could as well use polyurethane sheets to prevent moisture from seeping into the basement.

Then the flooring is selected for your flooring. We understand that because basement does get wet, not any flooring will work there. We prefer concrete flooring or acid stained floor as they are easy to maintain, more durable and economical. It is scratch resistant, retains its beauty for years to come and looks like marble, granite floorings. The concrete floors are laid, grinded and polished to provide the spectacular results. WE could even paint the concrete floors to dress up the entire place.

We also make sure that it is kept warm all over by adding vents to the existing heating ductwork or by adding electric baseboard heaters in the basement.

No matter what you want to use your basement for, Xtreme Polishing Systems successfully provides your basement the fully finished looks.