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How To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Do you want your garage floors to shine like your car does? Hire Xtreme Polishing Systems to put an epoxy coating on your garage floors. We have an experience of more than 15 years and an in-depth knowledge of how to epoxy garage floor. Backed by the team of seasoned professionals we make sure that only the highest quality 2-part epoxy garage floor coating is applied to bring about the most spectacular finish.

The epoxy coating we use:

  • Delivers a strong coating
  • Ensures no hot tire pickup
  • Can be tinted to almost forty different colors
  • Provides protection against spills, oil, grease, petrol or chemicals as well as wear and tear

Here's how our team follows a standard application procedure to epoxy garage floors:

The first thing done includes checking the garage floor for any serious cracks or holes, moisture and debris or unwanted materials. The floor is cleaned using a broom or vacuum and then washed with mild detergent solution further to remove dirt and grime. For heavy stains of oil, petrol or chemical pressure washing is done whereas for grease degreasing with a stiff brush is done. The various cracks and holes are cleaned of dirt and dried up completely before filling them up with hardeners or concrete patch compounds.

To let the epoxy adhere to the concrete garage floors, the floors are etched to have a texture of low grit sandpaper. The floors are scuffed using diamond abrasive concrete grinders and masonry wheels. They could as well be acid washed - the acid mix is poured on the floors and is spread all over the area by brush; it is left for some time to bleach the area and is finally washed away thoroughly with plain water. One part of muriatic acid is mixed with four parts of water to form a solution.

Moisture too is a logical reason for epoxy failure and thus has to be treated. We make sure that the concrete is 100% dry before applying epoxy.

Painter's tape is applied across the skirting boards to avoid damage to the walls.

The next step is to prepare epoxy. A 2-part epoxy usually contains hardener and a resin that is mixed together just before applying it to the garage floors.

Epoxy mix is applied to the area within two hours of time since its constituents are been mixed together. The epoxy is applied starting from the corner making its way across the rest of the area.

In case the client asks for adding decorative chips we apply them by hand over each section after spreading epoxy over the area.

The second coat of epoxy is applied after the first coat is dry. We wait for almost half a day to let it dry completely.

Finally a top coat is applied to provide a higher durability. For decorative chips as well urethane coat is applied to enjoy better results.

The garage floor is not to be walked before four and twenty hours and drove over before a week.