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Xtreme Polishing Systems understands that you are entitled to know how your floors are transformed into enticing marvels and thus we, hereby, bring to you the complete 'How To Concrete Guide'. The entire guide explains how the concrete floors are acid stained; can be kept clean and shining all the time; and are polished or finished. You may also know how the garage or basement floors are painted and are set free from all types of stains including glue, epoxies or mastic.

Any question you may have in relation to Flooring Solutions, we may have the answer!

With the ultimate objective of providing our clients with the clear, concise knowledge of making high quality concrete floors, we bring in the entire expertise of planning, preparation, finishing and maintaining Concrete floors.

How To Acid Stain A Floor - A step by step guide to make you understand how those ugly looking concrete floors can be made to look just 'wow'! Acid staining concrete floors is a procedure where beautiful color combinations are generated by applying acid stains (mix of water, acid-soluble metallic salts and hydrochloric acid) to the concrete floors.

How To Clean Concrete - Due to exposure to everyday usage the concrete floors become dirty over the period of time. In order to maintain their luster, it is important to clean them periodically by using different methods. They may be kept clean by applying oxygen bleach; scrubbing, mopping and washing with mild detergent solution; or by applying concrete cleaning chemicals such as muriatic acid.

How To Clean Concrete Patio - The concrete patios can be kept ever shining by following routine cleaning sessions. Any stains or the dirt, which may have got deposited into the floor over time, can be removed by applying oxygen bleach or concrete cleaning chemicals using the pressure washing technique. The floors are finally sealed and water-proofed for protection against grime.

How To Concrete Floor - Xtreme Polishing Systems professionals share with you their proficient ways of making concrete floors. The guide talks about how professional looking concrete floors are layered. You may get to know how strong, durable and high quality concrete floors can be constructed to provide the entire place a fascinating feel!

How To Epoxy Garage Floor - Garage floors are other floors that are often ignored; you might often not worry about making them shine like your indoor floors do. But they can also be converted into more stylish, lustrous floors that can be tinted in customized colors. The guide provides with an explanation for how epoxy (a mix of hardener and resin) is applied to the floors giving them an amazing feel.

How To Finish A Basement - Now, you certainly can convert your basement into a place full of life! The transformation includes everything from preparing a proper floor plan for getting rid of moisture, grime and clutter to laying concrete floors or acid staining them for more attractive interiors to adding electric baseboard heaters.

How To Finish Concrete - After the concrete floors are laid they may need floating and leveling for a more elegant look. By using various methods such as float finishing or skip floating the entire floors are leveled to get rid of any irregularities. Further, concrete steel trowelling is done to ensure that floors are hardened. Eventually the edges are smoothened and a little roughness is added to the floors.

How To Grind Concrete - We feel more than happy to share our seasoned experience of making the dusky concrete floors shine all over again. By using a wide variety of concrete grinders the irregularities, bumps, stains, graffiti, worn coatings are removed from the floors.

How To Make Concrete Floors - With growing popularity of concrete floors, we bring to you the most fascinating solutions. We make concrete floors that not only enhance the overall exterior or interior decors but do allow you to keep worries associated with carpeted, tiled or marble floors at bay. We even make sure to polish concrete floors after laying them.

How To Paint Concrete Floors - Concrete floors can be sealed, dressed up and protected against grime by applying concrete floor paints. The floors are cleaned thoroughly before applying paint. We assure you of using ONLY the best quality polyurethane formula paints after the floors are treated for cracks, epoxies and after the primer is applied.

How To Paint Garage Floor - Simply like any concrete floors may polished, the garage floors should be painted too! In order to make those 'not-so-pretty' concrete garage floors look gorgeous Xtreme Polishing Systems professionals offer expert advice on how to paint garage floors. By following a proper procedure, which includes washing floors, repairing cracks, removing epoxies, etching the floors, applying primer and finally painting the floors, we make your garage floors look awesome.

How To Polish A Concrete Floor - Concrete floors may be polished to provide them with an attractive sheen. By suing various polishing equipment such as grinders, grit discs, polishers, etc. the entire floors can be treated to achieve the desired level of shine. Our team follows a step by step guide to amaze you with unmatchable end results.

How To Remove Epoxy - any type of epoxy may make your floors look as ugly as ogre! They indeed can. It is; thus, better to get rid of them periodically. By using the most apt method for removing epoxy like permanent adhesives, paint stains or oil or grease we bring the lost sheen of your floors back. We may use methods like Freezing Epoxy or use Heat guns, thinners (acetone) or chemicals like methylene chloride.

How To Remove Glue From Floors - In order to remove the glue off the variety of floors we tend to use chisels, scrapers, heat guns, mineral spirits, chemicals, and glue removers. Our well experienced professionals, owing to their many years of experience to make sure that your floors are made to shine as before by getting rid of any type of glue; no matter how obstinate it is!

How To Remove Mastic - Mastic that may be defined as an industrial / constructive adhesive or ceramic tile adhesives may make even your stunning floors look hideous. Thus, it has to be removed by using the most professional methods. The mastic may be removed with the help of sharp blades, scrapers, sandpapers, and mastic removers.

How To Shine Concrete Floor - Concrete floors are prone to attracting dirt over months or, for that matter, years. To retain their lost sheen and splendor, you may have to get them treated. We offer the most professional mediums of making your floors shine again. We use wet as well as dry grinders and grit discs to finish and polish the concrete floors.

How To Stain Concrete - You can anytime ask us to make your concrete floors look stunning. We provide professional assistance for acid staining your concrete floors. While following consistent directions we make your concrete floors resemble granite and marble floors by adding a dramatic, unique color effects to the floors.