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Xtreme Polishing Systems is a full service retail and rental company providing the industry's finest surface preparation and polishing tooling, equipment, abrasives, chemicals, machinery and supplies. We ship throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, and overseas.

At Xtreme Polishing Systems, we only stock the utmost quality diamonds and machinery for both small and large contractors. We are extremely grateful to our customers and our ability to guide them through their project. Our customers are always treated like part of our family.


Concrete Genie Floor Polishing Machine Floor Grinder/Polisher | 3/4 Head | An American Grinder Company Mammoth 800 Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber
Concrete Genie Grinder
Our Price: $5,750.00
Baby Mammoth Grinder
Our Price: $12,995.00
Mammoth 800 Grinder
Our Price: $18,995.00
Genie Magic Scrubber
Our Price: $3,495.00
Updated Price: $2,995.00
Savings: $500.00


Real-world experience takes place on site, from start to finish, and with your machines and crew. The Xtreme training course takes you out of the classroom and provides hands on training, where you experience the actual steps to compact any job, whether commercial or residential. Learn how to use the equipment, select proper tooling, troubleshoot and think outside the box at our workshop with your crew.

Concrete Polishing

Get personalized training with experts to learn techniques that will save you time and money, how to get the most of equipment production times, proper tooling needed, troubleshooting, and introductions to supply vendors.

Concrete Polishing Workshop - $175


Xtreme Week Long Training - $1,500

AUGUST 7 - 11

Xtreme Week Long Concrete Polishing Training Course

Epoxy Coatings

Learn the basic principles to the most cutting edge techniques in the epoxy coating industry. Whether you take this training to become a certified installer or to become an expert on the epoxy floor coatings process, this workshop is for everyone!

Epoxy Coatings Workshop - $275


3-Day Epoxy Coatings - $895

AUGUST 14 - 16

Xtreme Week Long Concrete Polishing Training Course

Concrete Moisture Testing Certification


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Concrete Repair Training


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