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Surface Preparation - Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Surface preparation essentially implies removing the old concrete floor to get the new one. Whether you are in a need of decorative concrete resurfacing or polishing concrete floors, we have the tools and equipments to perform the job. From pre-cleaning and post-cleaning steps to new and emerging methods like bevel-edge cleaning and new front-of-line decorative concrete services solutions, we are an independent decorative concrete resurfacing company.

You can rely on our team to offer sound advice for your decorative concrete overlay project. All our tools are designed and modified to yield the best possible productivity and cost per square foot for the contractor, so that one has the best chance at being profitable on every decorative concrete resurfacing job.

The Process of Concrete Resurfacing

Decorative concrete resurfacing preparation: Concrete is prepared by metal-bonded diamond-tooling grinding to remove any existing buildups of glues, grease, adhesive, paint or coatings. Patching and joint fill will also be covered.

Pre-Polish: Several diamond grinds are flattened and honed to the concrete surface after the initial preparation.

Densifing: Before polishing starts, we apply liquid chemical densifiers to ensure the concrete floor is hardened, able to resist the absorption of liquids and does not produce concrete dust.

Polishing: Polishing involves multi-step process. Using specialized resin diamond tooling, these steps increase in finer grits to produce the flawless polished surface.