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Concrete Polishing and Decorative Staining Training Course | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Concrete Polishing Training Class

If you are looking for a career change and enjoy being hands on, we offer a one week training class to become certified in polished concrete. Whether you are new to concrete polishing or have limited experience, we offer a training class to become certified in polished concrete and decorative flooring. During the course, all aspects of concrete polishing are covered; From testing, repair, maintenance and finish. To offer a little something extra to your clients, you will learn how to apply a company logo or image as a concrete stain to add to decorative concrete.

Our large-scale training facility, located in South Florida, is a complete working environment that's air-conditioned to ensure trainees are comfortable and able to maintain their focus on gaining industry knowledge. There's plenty of additional space that's accessible to all trainees so everyone has the freedom to move and function properly, while also complying with social distancing procedures. This gives each student a sense of security so everyone can successfully and SAFELY interact with their fellow trainees, the instructor, and of course to GRIND.


Learn a Valuable Trade: Concrete Polishing

It is no secret that decorative concrete is the way to go as far as flooring is concerned. With training in polished concrete flooring systems, you are assured of adequate jobs and a steady flow of income now and in days to come. Unlike other flooring options where learning on the job is easy, you need to know exactly what tools and procedures work where these flooring options are concerned. You cannot guess and hope for the best with these floors. Training with us means that you also get to try your skills before venturing in the field. You also get a chance to interact with the best there is when it comes to epoxy and polished concrete flooring and possibly learn a few tricks that will set you apart from other contractors in the market. By the end of the class, you're presented with a personalized certification for keepsakes which you could also utilize for future endeavors. As a bonus, our industry experts will continue providing you with the support, guidance, machinery, and products that will encourage your success as an individual and/or business. Our pros are available to answer your lingering questions and concerns regarding the different procedures, tips, techniques, and products that were taught and used in Polished Concrete University courses, even thereafter attending the class.

Start a Polished Concrete Business

There is no limit to who has the ability to become a great entrepreneur, however you might not be familiar with the necessary steps to launch your new business venture. An idea doesn't just become a business without your complete effort and absolute dedication. It's important to remember that starting a concrete polishing and/ or epoxy coatings business does not happen overnight. It takes time and research, the reliability of quality products and equipment, your personal knowledge, and of course total self-confidence to successfully start your business, which may seem a bit overwhelming. Our experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems are available to ensure that you make smarter business decisions when taking into consideration wanting to start a new business for installing polished concrete and epoxy coatings applications. Our expert's main goal is for you to be successful with a proven business plan, so we gathered the essential measures to help you develop your start-up business for a successful future. LEARN MORE >


for the first attendee, and each additional attendee is discounted 15% off of the cost of the course.

Monday - Friday

Light breakfast, lunch and beverages are provided each day.


You will leave with a training manual, sample boards, a T-shirt and a completion certificate.

Hands-on Concrete Polishing Training Curriculum

During this Polished Concrete University course, all aspects of concrete polishing are covered; from testing and repairing concrete slabs, to performing floor maintenance, preparation of the surface, as well as the complete installation of polished concrete flooring. This course is hands-on, with minimal time spent in the classroom and you will be operating machinery and tooling. To offer a little something extra to your clients down the road, you will also learn how to apply a floor stencil to a concrete surface using applicator tools and architectural products, like concrete dyes/ stains. You will learn product selection, tools and equipment, followed by the opportunity to work on the machines. This will work to your advantage for a number of reasons. One, you will get accustomed to the equipment and tools you need to install these floors in the field. You will also get answers to all the questions you may have about the installation process and the materials required. If you are a beginner in this field, you will get to see the experts at work and learn the necessary tricks for a perfect finish. You will also get enough practice before you can start doing these floors for your clients.


Short Term Decorative Concrete Training for a Long Term Concrete Business

Our training is quite affordable. We have also liaised with a few hotels so can get accommodation at discounted rates. Depending on the area you want trained, we will give you a quote for the training, all training material included. There are no hidden charges involved, and you are guaranteed of getting your money worth from our training.

2021 Decorative Concrete Polishing Training Schedule

Student Testimonials

" Xtreme has made it cost effective for apprentices to learn hands-on in a rapidly growing industry. All week long, our industry experts will guide you through the different levels of polished concrete and epoxy coatings." Want to see more? Check out reviews straight from our graduates!

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