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Ardex Self-Leveling Training

SLU Training Overview

Expand your concrete flooring knowledge by attending a specialty class on Ardex Self Leveling Underlayment’s and Polishable Overlays. Whether you are new to concrete polishing or have limited experience, we offer a 2-day specialty class to become a certified installer of
Ardex Self Leveling Concrete Products.

Ardex Self Leveling Products

ARDEX Americas technical training seminars provide classroom and hands-on training where attendees work directly with ARDEX high-performance products. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about our Proper Prep philosophy, which is our commitment to proper substrate preparation. ARDEX Americas expert instructors will also show the latest installation techniques, allowing you to return to the jobsite with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to increase job efficiency and maximize profits for your company. We will have representatives from Ardex and Coolomix in house both days to answer additional questions and discuss their Products and Equipment.
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Ardex Self-Leveling Concrete Training Classes | Polished Concrete University | Xtreme Polishing Systems


for student tuition

2-Day Training

Light breakfast, lunch and beverages

Certified Installer

You will leave with expert knowledge to install
Ardex Self Leveling Products

What to Expect - Self Leveling Underlayment

This two-day class will cover the proper mixing and placement of Ardex Self Leveling Underlayment’s and Polishable Overlays. We will teach various products to repair the concrete surface, level it for other coverings, install polishable overlays both with and without aggregates as well as micro-toppings and skim coats to cover and restore concrete surfaces. Students will participate in the mixing and installation as well as polishing the placed materials. We will introduce and use various sealers which are compatible with all systems. In addition, we will be show casing tools and equipment from Coolomix.

Surface Prep & Concrete Products

Concrete Repair Materials, CP
Primers, P-51 Acrylic and MC Rapid Epoxy
Self-Leveling Underlayment, K1200
Self-Leveling Pour and Seal, K520
Self-Leveling Polishable Overlays, K521 and K523
Concrete Repair Topping, Concrete Dressing CD and CD Fine
Smooth Finish Micro-Topping, SDM
Color Options, Topical and Integral Color Additive
Sealers, Penetrating and Acrylic Urethane CG

Self Leveling Tooling

Hand Tools, Trowels, Brooms, Squeegees
Placement Tools, Gauge Rakes, Smoothers, Porcupine Rollers
Proper Footwear, Spike Shoes
Mixing Options, Hand Mixing, Batch Mixing, Pump Trucks
Collomix – LevMix and AQix Water Metering Device

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Ardex Self-Leveling Concrete Training Classes | Polished Concrete University | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Ardex Self Leveling Classes

The best way to excel in any industry is to learn by doing. Our certified trainers are available to provide insight every step of the way with one on one training in an air-conditioned warehouse space. Training with us means that you also get to try your skills before venturing in the field. You also get a chance to interact with the best there is when it comes to epoxy and polished concrete flooring and possibly learn a few tricks that will set you apart from other contractors in the market. We work with a team that knows a lot about turning basic concrete into pieces of art. Here you will get to learn from the best whether you want to know how to polish concrete or how to epoxy garage floors. All professionals in our team are always willing to help and ensure that you are well equipped to handle decorative concrete flooring once you are done with the training.

Training courses are held once a month from 9:00 - 5:00 PM, with breakfast and lunch provided.