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The Difference Between Planetary and Rotary Concrete Floor Grinders

What Exactly Are Planetary Grinders And Traditional Rotary Grinders?

There are two major types of concrete floor grinders to adequately prepare a concrete floor. These robust pieces of equipment are used to smooth, level, prepare, polish, and remove thick coatings on concrete surfaces. Since concrete is an economical flooring option it has become increasingly popular among warehouses, commercial businesses, retail, schools, residential and other facilities. Concrete floor grinders are essential pieces of equipment that will aid in completing concrete floors. Understanding the differences between rotary floor grinders and planetary floor grinders will assist you in choosing the proper equipment for the specific project.

Traditional rotary grinders are heavyweight which helps speed up the process and there is no need for belts or pulleys when using this type of floor grinder. A skilled operator is recommended to properly operate these heavyweight pieces of machinery. Planetary floor grinders are flexible and lightweight so they are easier to maneuver and designed to move in a straight line across the concrete. Planetary floor grinders are ideal to use for lighter projects.

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