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Shot blasters are powerful floor preparation machines that give the surface a rough profile so new coating and sealer applications will properly adhere to it, and can also be used to aggressively remove existing coatings. Shot blasters can be very high maintenance machines so speak to an expert with questions regarding our shot blasters and how they may benefit you and your project.

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Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a wide range of materials for surface preparation, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines, decorative concretes and epoxy supplies for all industrial, commercial and residential residential flooring needs. We provide a full product line of professional concrete and epoxy supplies, flooring equipment and building materials for projects big and small.

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SPE-9G Shot Blaster | Xtreme Polishing Systems (877) 958-5264 SPE-9G
Our Price: $7,930.00
Bartell Global SPE-12ES Shot Blaster | Xtreme Polishing Systems SPE-12ES
Our Price: $42,034.74
Walk Behind Shot Blaster SPE-20ES | Xtreme Polishing Systems SPE-20ES
Our Price: $44,900.00