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Polyaspartic, Polyurea, Polyurethane Resinous Flooring

One of the rising stars in the flooring sector is polyaspartic, polyurea, and polyurethane resinous floor coatings. These clear, topcoat finish coatings add an extra layer of protection to your surfaces. Although they're high-end options, these protective floor coatings provide a seamless flow that creates uniformity. It can be the most reliable choice for flooring with its unparalleled mechanical strength, UV stability, and resistance to corrosive chemicals. Additionally, these protective coatings are preferred because they can cure within a few minutes at a low temperature. These applications can be effective in spaces with temperatures as low as -30F and as high as 140F, which means you can get them installed all year long. All you need is two to three coats to get the right formulation for your floor coating finish. You can expect to install your entire floor coating system the very same day, so you’re able to proceed with your regular operations as soon as possible. In comparison to epoxy coatings, polyaspartic, polyurea, and polyurethane flooring is thinner but much more flexible. These durable coatings tend to carry heavy pressure better and last as long, if not longer than epoxy floors.

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