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How To Maintain A Safe and Sanitary Concrete Floor Surface

Earth: The New World

Over the course of these past few months, life has drastically changed for all of us. The rapid spread of COVID-19 raised major concerns worldwide. However, we have learned together to accept and adapt to the unexpected changes that were inflicted on our routine lifestyles. As a result of those changes, we have been able to slow, maintain and are ultimately aiming to prevent the further spread of dangerous respiratory diseases like COVID-19, to ensure your surroundings are safe, clean and sanitary, regardless of being at work or being at home.

Disinfect, Protect and Stop the Spread

Viruses can continue to live on surfaces like metal or concrete, which can cause the virus to spread more rapidly. Especially if a multitude of people come in direct contact with the same contaminated surfaces. So it is absolutely necessary that we take the proper safety precautions to clean and disinfect all our surfaces. Dirt is the primary enemy of concrete floors and overtime it can cause fine scratches and grime buildup, resulting in a dull and dirty looking concrete surface. Foot traffic alone can generate more than 1.2 lbs of dirt every week. So it is very important that we incorporate periodic concrete cleaning and floor maintenance procedures into our schedules.

Following these simple, recurrent steps will greatly assist you with maintaining a safe and sanitary concrete floor surface:
  • Daily Maintenance – It is very important to implement a daily, mild surface cleaning routine to remove dirt and dust. This minor addition to your routine is very essential to your overall well being. You can easily achieve this technique by using a microfiber mop, which is designed to pick up and hold onto dust, dirt and liquids better than a standard cotton or synthetic mop. This is the most ideal and cost effective maintenance approach for regular concrete cleaning applications.
  • Weekly Maintenance – It is very important to thoroughly mop and clean your concrete surfaces with a diluted mixture of warm (or hot) water and your choice of any neutral, pH balance soaps, such as Dawn Dish Soap. By taking these necessary steps to carefully disinfect and clean your concrete surfaces at the end of each week, you are ensuring your safety and the safety of others while literally bringing your floors back to life!
  • Monthly Maintenance – Even though standard sweeping and mopping is acceptable for daily concrete cleaning procedures, it is extremely important to consider once every month incorporating a little extra power to your cleaning methods. By using a vital piece of floor maintenance equipment combined with the appropriate concrete cleaning chemicals, your surfaces will be sanitized and professionally profiled. We understand how important it is to perform frequent concrete surface maintenance so we made sure to supply the industry with a robust, walk-behind floor burnisher and floor scrubber specifically designed for concrete cleaning applications. We also supply a diverse selection of concrete maintenance floor pads that easily attach and detach directly to the bottom of our maintenance machines. These floor pads are specifically manufactured from high porosity fibers for absolute consistency during wet scrubbing, stripping, and buffing/ burnishing applications.
  • Bi-Annual Maintenance (Twice a Year) – If you desire longevity for your newly cleaned, sanitized and polished concrete surfaces, then it is important that you apply a concrete floor sealant for extra protection. Concrete sealer is a finishing conditioner that adds a thin, clear layer of extra strength and protection to your concrete surfaces. Sealing the surface of your concrete floors at least once, or even twice each year will improve the surface resistance, while enhancing the glossy appearance of your concrete surfaces.

Conclusion: Health and Safety Guidelines

Public health measures and everyday preventive actions are still very critical in order to slow the spread of viruses like COVID-19, and other dangerous respiratory infections including the flu and the common cold. There was probable reasoning for concern so humankind will continue to do what we know best, and that’s to accept, change and transition accordingly. Resume these extreme sanitation practices, which includes frequent hand washing, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, physical distancing, and wearing a mask when going out in public. Together we will reduce the spread of infection and illness to those around us to ensure that you, your family and the world is healthy, safe and protected.

Resources, Guidance and Support

Concrete all around the world has long dominated industries, particularly flooring, because of its exceptional durability, low maintenance and simply pleasant appearance that it delivers. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies the industry with innovative and professional concrete polishing and decorative concrete products, equipment, chemicals and so much more. Our professionals are specially trained with our products and will deliver the fundamental guidance and customer service when preparing and executing a concrete floor.

The experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems understand that every surface can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We’re here to guide you in the proper direction, so call us at (877) 958-5732 with any questions regarding ‘How To Maintain A Safe and Sanitary Concrete Floor Surface‘ or visit our website and browse our extensive selection of products today. Whether you’re a new business owner, flooring subcontractor, DIYer, craftsmen, artist, existing business or homeowner, our exquisite product selection and extensive industry experience will assist you every step of the way, from start to finish.