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Get Certified in Epoxy Coatings

Decorative coatings like epoxy are becoming particularly favored in residential and commercial settings for surfaces such as countertops and floors. Epoxy is an adhesive resin coating that creates a shiny, high gloss surface that offers a durable and resistant foundation. Let’s also not forget about the myriad of colors that can be incorporated into your epoxy application is absolutely endless. An exquisite array of metallic pigments and decorative glitters are available to enhance your surfaces and turn them into dazzling works of art.

Flooring contractors over the years have become highly interested in integrating epoxy services into their businesses. Even with all the popularity that revolves around epoxy resins, many individuals and contractors are still not properly educated on the product specifications or the appropriate application process. We’re here to help.

Xtreme Polishing Systems hosts a 5-day certification course for epoxy coating applications. In depth and hands-on, this epoxy training course provides insight every step of the way with comprehensive training by our certified trainers and inside an air-conditioned warehouse space. Every attendee is granted the opportunity to to operate the required machinery, materials, and tools to complete an epoxy floor from start to finish. Listed below are some of the key aspects of the epoxy course:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Moisture Testing/ Barriers
  • Floor Repair and Leveling
  • Primer and Base Coat Applications
  • Solid Colors, Metallics, and Glitters
  • Flake Systems, Polyaspartic/ Urethane Applications
  • Operation of Tooling and Equipment
  • Estimating/ Pricing
This professional epoxy course is held once every month in Pompano Beach, Florida. The class is from 9AM to 5PM and we provide breakfast and lunch for each attendee. Hotel expenses and transportation are your responsibility. >>Please view our schedule here<<

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Concrete all around the world has long dominated industries, particularly flooring, because of its exceptional durability, low maintenance and simply pleasant appearance that it delivers. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies the industry with innovative and professional concrete polishing and decorative concrete products, equipment, chemicals and so much more. Our professionals are specially trained with our products and will deliver the fundamental guidance and customer service when preparing and executing a concrete floor.

The experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems understand that every surface can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We’re here to guide you in the proper direction, so call us at (877) 958-5732 with any questions regarding ‘Getting Certified in Epoxy Coatings‘ or visit our website and browse our extensive selection of products today. Whether you’re a new business owner, flooring subcontractor, DIYer, craftsmen, artist, existing business or homeowner, our exquisite product selection and extensive industry experience will assist you every step of the way, from start to finish.