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Epoxy Glitter

Captivate your guests and clients by achieving remarkable special effects with our exotic collection of glitter fragments. Our industrial-grade polyester glitter adds an amazing sparkle to epoxy coating applications and enhances any 3D flooring design. This glitter is highly resistant to most common commercial solvents and can be used with almost all resin, acrylic, vinyl, solvent, and gel systems. Glitter is available in Metallic, Holographic, and Iridescent color fragments. Xtreme's industrial-grade glitter is easy to apply and mixed directly into epoxy resin mixtures for fast application. Glitter is available in two different sizes; ultra-fine (0.008) and chunky (0.040). A myriad of industrial concrete floor coatings continues to develop and expand to fit today's trade demands. Xtreme Polishing Systems is a leading supplier of decorative epoxy color pigments and dazzling epoxy glitter fragment additives that are guaranteed to WOW anyone because they create a unique floor finish that's truly personalized for you. This way you're able to produce the most beautiful, cost-effective, and slip-resistant epoxy coating finishes that are safe for everyone.

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