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Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz Sand Floors | Xtreme Polishing Systems Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz

Beautiful colors. Lasting quality. Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz colored quartz is a beautiful, durable flooring. We coat nearly 100% quartz sand with a spectrum of colors to generate a vivid product that won’t bleed or fade with our UV, chemical, and acid resistance. This flooring product is a vibrant addition and a great conversation starter.

Distinctive color, texture, and durability. SpectraQuartz is high-purity quartz that is permanently pigmented in an amazing array of distinctive colors, allowing you to transform or and working spaces. It’s the simple and elegant way to make a statement of style and quality!

Available on 50lb Bags Resins, sealants and natural surroundings all play a part in determining finished color and appearance. For blending see the blending formula chart.

Our Price: $40.00