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Fairmount Santrol - High-quality, High-performance Sand Products

Fairmount Santrol

provides uniquely diversified capabilities and services with extensive product offerings, logistics and distribution networks. Fairmount Santrol is a premier provider of industrial materials and proppant solutions serving the industrial and energy industries, with an estimated 45 million tons of annual processing capacity.

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Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz Sand Floors | Xtreme Polishing Systems (877) 958-5264 Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz Floor Coating

Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz

Fairmount Santrol SpectraQuartz consists of beautiful colors, lasting color quartz and a durable floor surface. By coating, nearly 100% quartz sand with a spectrum of colors generates a vivid product that will not bleed or fade with our UV, chemical, and acid resistance. Provides distinctive color, texture and is a vibrant addition to your homes, businesses, and institutions and is high-purity quartz that is permanently pigmented in a beautiful array of distinctive colors, allowing you to transform the room or working space. Resins, sealants, and natural surroundings all play a part in determining finished color and appearance.

Features & Benefits:
  • Available in 50lb Bags.
  • SpectraQuartz colors range from the subtlest tints to the brightest hues, adding visual interest and excitement to any environment. You’re limited only by your imagination! A wide range of colors and blends. Choose the perfect color or blend for your commercial or residential project. No other colored quartz product gives you so much freedom to create a uniquely special environment.
  • Quartz is one of the hardest natural substances in the world, with great structural strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion and impact. SpectraQuartz also gives e and slip resistance.
  • SpectraQuartz is UV, chemical, and acid resistant, and will retain its beauty and functionality for years. The SpectraQuartz thermal bonding process permanently binds the pigment to the quartz grain surface, ensuring that colors won’t bleed or fade.
  • SpectraQuartz is produced with an environmentally friendly pigment dispersion technology. SpectraQuartz contains no harsh solvents and is compatible with most resins used to coat floors and walls.

Our Price: $40.00

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