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Everything You Need to Know About Polished Concrete Floors

Over the years, we are used to seeing bare concrete flooring in rooms such as basements, garages, and warehouses. Moving towards modernism governed by minimalistic materials, concrete floors are slowly taking over home interiors. It offers versatility that lets designers polish, stain, etch or stencil the finished flooring surface. It is so much easier to integrate your style into every space, exuding elegance and simplicity. In this article, we will be focusing on the benefits and drawbacks of polished concrete floors. You can also learn about the many ways to style this practical material.

What are Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete floors are often found in commercial establishments because they are easy to maintain. All you need to do is to perform regular dusting and occasionally mop the surface. It offers different design finishes like a glossy, mirror-like surface or aggregate finishes. Although a glossy finish may not appeal to everyone, it is still possible to control the floor’s reflectivity based on your preference.

Pros of Polished Concrete Floors

The polished concrete industry has truly evolved with the most innovative developments of concrete surface prep equipment and machinery that’s specifically constructed to transform even the toughest concrete surfaces, with just a minimum investment. Residents, manufacturers, institutes, retail, and many others have become quite resourceful in their business ventures by incorporating flooring equipment into their investments tailored to their specific trade needs for surface restoration and concrete floor maintenance demands. This is so influential to your success and to impending business expenses which will save you a substantial amount of money forthcoming. Polished concrete floors feature various benefits, making it one of the most popular flooring choices for business establishments, and now, more residences are taking notice.

Offers Durability, Delivers Resilience

  • The surface of polished concrete floors is robust, which is ideal for heavy pressure and high foot-traffic conditions. The hardness that is maintained within these surfaces is achieved by concrete floor hardeners, also referred to as concrete densifiers, which is a product specifically formulated with natural aggregates, hardening agents, and organic concrete chemicals that fill the pores and physically hardens the surface. In addition, the gloss levels that are achieved by the perfect combination of concrete floor sealers and high-speed floor burnishers making those concrete surfaces much more reliable. Therefore, one can expect polished concrete flooring to last for an extended period of time. Regular concrete floor cleaning and surface maintenance will help extend the life of your polished concrete floors.


  • Many commercial establishments swear by polished concrete flooring because it requires minimal effort to maintain. While saving time and money replacing worn flooring, the surface cleans easily, using a broom and a damp mop. Sweeping the floor prevents dirt accumulation, while mopping gets rid of smudges and marks that affect its gloss. Though standard sweeping and mopping are acceptable, polished concrete floors need their surfaces to be properly cleaned, especially because it’s porous and can easily hold dirt and grime that may build over time. Turn your concrete cleaning procedures up a notch with our multipurpose concrete cleaners and floor strippers, while reducing the spread of bacteria and ensuring your healthy, safe, and protected. We supply a variety of options, including pH-Neutral Cleaners, Acidic Cleaners, Alkaline Cleaners, Enzymatic/Bacterial Cleaners, and Specialty Cleaners.

One of the Cheapest Floorings in the Market

  • The durability of polished concrete flooring helps prevent unnecessary repairs, helping you earn and save time and money. The approximate price per square foot of polished concrete floors is $30 lesser than other traditional floorings.

Sturdy Surface

  • The main reason why industry leaders choose polished concrete floors over other types of flooring is because of their sturdy surfaces. It handles heavy foot traffic and pressure with grace. Plus, it is slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, and thermal-shock resistant.

Cons of Polished Concrete Floors

Even though there are not many, there could be some cons to polished concrete floors based on personal design preference, but most of them have accessible remedies.

Hard Surfaces

  • Polished concrete floors can give your feet a hard time when standing for a long time, offering robust surfaces. It does not provide any cushion. Therefore, it may or may not be vital to integrate floor mats and carpets to maximum comfort for the bottom of your feet.

Does Not Retain Heat

  • Homeowners may or may not be hesitant about polished concrete floors because they cannot retain heat. Based on where you’re located, during winter seasons the surface of the floor can feel cold, adding to the chilly temperature. People can easily resolve this dilemma by implementing radiant heating cables beneath the floor to regulate the temperature.

Vulnerable to Moisture (Unsealed)

  • One significant effect of improper installation and sealing of polished concrete floors is its susceptibility to moisture. Water can easily penetrate through the pores of an unsealed concrete surface. This penetration can lead to the growth of mildew and mold. Therefore, it is integral that you work with a trusted professional like Xtreme Polishing Systems to guarantee that you’re choosing the proper flooring system for your surfaces can withstand any sort of drawbacks.

Polished Concrete Floors Design Options

Concrete slabs have been utilized by many businesses and industrial facilities for many years. Although many homeowners have used concrete floors, it stays hidden beneath carpets, parquet flooring, and tiles. People overlook its design potential until it found its way to contemporary designs and modernism. In today’s era, we learned to appreciate the raw and pure beauty of natural materials.

Polished concrete flooring has eventually come out of its territory when many interior designers found its potential for building modern and chic homes. People embraced this material to complement textured furniture, accent elements, and other natural sources. Offering unparalleled durability and minimalistic charm, this can help you maximize the potential of your home. Let us take a look at the different ways to integrate polished concrete floors in any part of the home.

Resources, Guidance, and Support

Concrete all around the world has long dominated industries, particularly flooring and countertops, because of the exceptional durability, low maintenance, and simply pleasant appearance it’s able to deliver. Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies the industry with professional and innovative concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, and decorative concrete products, equipment, supplies, and much more. Our industry professionals have trained accordingly with our products and are able to deliver the fundamental guidance and customer service needed when accurately preparing and executing a concrete project.

The experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems understand that every concrete surface can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We’re here to guide you in the proper direction, so call us at (877) 958-5732 with any questions regarding ‘Everything You Need To Know About Polished Concrete Floors‘ or visit our website and browse our extensive selection of concrete products today. Whether you’re a general contractor (flooring, concrete, masonry, home improvement, renovator, etc.), small business, DIY’er, craftsmen, new or existing business, artisan, or homeowner, our exquisite product selection and extensive industry experience will assist you every step of the way, from start to finish.