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Hard surfaces are an essential part of our everyday operation however, we tend to forget and neglect these surfaces when they need our attention the most. Industrial floor coatings, also referred to as commercial floor coatings are very tough building materials that were designed for the purpose of resurfacing, protecting, and transforming your existing hard surfaces, such as flooring, countertops, walls, bar tops, furniture, and tabletops. If you're seeking a long-lasting surface that shines brighter then it is time to consider a commercial floor coating kit for your next renovation project! Our diverse assortment of high-performance industrial coating systems produces aesthetically appealing and sustainable finishes that deliver ultimate strength and provide maximum durability for a multitude of environments including commercial, residential, and industrial. Concrete floor coatings are high-quality systems containing materials that are able to provide a sustainable hard surface application with results that are absolutely resilient. These industrial floor coating systems guarantee continuous protection from daily wear and tear, harsh chemical spills, and heavy foot traffic.

Industrial epoxy coatings are reliable floor coating systems and these products are most ideal for a wide variety of retails jobs and commercial purposes including applications for industrial flooring, retail floors, commercial epoxy flooring, automotive shop floors, restaurant flooring, warehouse flooring. Contractors and DIY'ers around the world are exercising their abilities by installing these commercial floor coating and industrial epoxy coating systems creating a true one-of-a-kind surface that is completely unique to you and your style preferences. This is a fun, inventive, and artistic way to develop the most extraordinary surface finishes that are aesthetically appealing, cost-effective, and maintainable surface finishes that are safe enough for your family, friends, guests, and clients. To make things even easier, our customers will have the ability to follow easy installation instructions for each commercial floor coating system individually as well as product and material knowledge with reliable resources, and of course, 24-7 professional guidance and support provided by our team of experienced professionals.

A myriad of industrial floor coatings continues to develop and expand to fit today's trade demands. Here at Xtreme Polishing Systems, our industry experts praise themselves for having the sharp skills, extended field knowledge, and overall integrity to ensure our customers are being guided properly while encouraging you to make the appropriate choices and also while accommodating your specific needs when choosing to fully transform your hard surfaces. It's our goal to provide you with trustworthy surface solutions that will meet all the demands for any sector of the industry, and all while remaining within a budget. Xtreme Polishing Systems is a professional supply company providing a wide-range assortment of decorative, non-decorative, high-gloss, and zero-gloss concrete floor coating finishes which includes 100% solids clear coat epoxy resin coating kits, UV stable polyaspartic, urethane, polyurea, and polyurethane topcoat kit systems, and vinyl flake/ chip floor coating systems for UV protection and slip resistance. We also offer epoxy applicator tools, epoxy floor, and wall base coving, epoxy removal supplies, and a stunning array of colorful pigments and epoxy color additives, including safety color epoxy pigments, dazzling epoxy glitter flakes, and a magnificent combination of metallic and powder pigments that are guaranteed to WOW you. Speak with an industry pro today and get immediate assistance on assembling a complete floor coating kit for your next flooring project!

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Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a wide range of decorative concrete, surface preparation and concrete polishing machines and supplies for all residential and commercial flooring needs. By guaranteeing a floor for life, Xtreme Polishing Systems specializes in turn-key, one-stop-shop products including floor grinding machines, floor polishing machines, diamond polishing pads, concrete densifiers, concrete sealers, epoxy resin coatings and protective urethane topcoats, concrete dyes, stains, and much more to assist you in completing a concrete floor from start to finish. We provide a full product line of do-it-yourself supplies, equipment and building materials for projects big and small. (Learn More)