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Dust collection is almost inevitable for multiple working environments, indoor and outdoor, including wood shops, welding shops, painting contractors, drywall contractors, construction pros, and particularly flooring contractors. As a flooring professionals who are constantly working with residential neighborhoods, commercial establishments, and different industrial settings know it's key to meet the highest demands for reliable floor finishes. Floor finishes include concrete polishing, surface preparation, floor resurfacing, concrete floor polishing, and decorative concrete floor applications and surface finishes.

We recognize the severity of wearing protective gear on the jobsite, while utilizing the
most advanced safety equipment in the market to ensure security for laborers and field workers. However, when you're on a jobsite for extended periods of time your body is exposed to harsh working conditions that requires more than just simply wearing gear. Conditions such as poor air quality means that the surrounding air becomes filled with dangerous contaminants like dirt, debris and most importantly silica dust which is very dangerous to our bodies if accidentally inhaled.

Nonetheless, removing super fine particles like silica dust, debris, and other small contaminants is not going to be easy. Any form of unmanageable conditions can overtake the entire work space, causing your health to experience negative effects overtime. Furthermore, these conditions can make it nearly impossible to function properly, slowing production rates, and in turn impacting a business's entire operation. The demand for highly efficient and powerful dust collection equipment is critical for creating a safe and secure working environment, while enhancing daily production. Our units are workhorses, built to help you to breathe easy again when working on the job site. These vigorous dust collection systems are designed with a forceful suction, so it carefully collects, secures, and eliminates dirt irritants, allergens, and combustible silica dust more sufficiently.

At last it's time to m
ake a difference in your field of work by improving safety conditions with our heavy-duty, effective, and flexible dust collection systems and industrial vacuum cleaner solutions, designed specifically for heavy-duty dust collection. We provide powerful and practical industrial vacuum systems for all your dust extracting needs!.

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Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a wide range of materials for surface preparation, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines, decorative concretes and epoxy supplies for all industrial, commercial and residential residential flooring needs. We provide a full product line of professional concrete and epoxy supplies, flooring equipment and building materials for projects big and small.

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