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Concrete Diamond Tooling

Concrete floors are considered the most functional flooring option worldwide, so floor finishes such as polished concrete, epoxy coatings, and decorative concrete flooring have grown increasingly over the years in popularity for ALL sectors of the market. These sectors may include residential homes and buildings, elaborate corporate headquarters and commercial establishments, as well as sizable manufacturing and industrial facilities. Initially, the success of a contractor in this industry and their ability to achieve such impressive floor finishes are primarily determined by the proper execution and selection of concrete tooling, equipment, and strategic performance for preparing a concrete surface from start to finish, prior to any concrete surface application.

Diamond tooling, which is also referred to as concrete tooling, plays a crucial role in achieving such beautiful and unique floor finishes such as epoxy, polished and decorative concrete flooring. We bring you a professional collection of diamond concrete tooling that's capable of removing mastic, surface coatings, carpet or tile adhesives, thin-set, and paint. Following a proper grit sequence is fundamental in the process of concrete surface preparation. Our diverse selection of concrete tooling is available in a variety of grit sizes and bond options that are capable of tackling both soft and hard concrete surfaces. Our quality diamond tools are ideal for aggressive and non-aggressive grinding, honing, and polishing of concrete surfaces and cementitious toppings.

Construction, Contractor and DIY Supply

Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a wide range of materials for surface preparation, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines, decorative concrete and epoxy resin supplies for all industrial, commercial and residential residential flooring needs. We provide a full product line of professional concrete and epoxy supplies, flooring equipment and building materials for projects big and small.

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