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Custom Vinyl Decals and Stencils for Concrete Floors

If you have been seeking a bold and creative way to utilize the surface of your concrete floors, than a custom vinyl floor decal or floor stencil is the perfect choice for your next floor renovation. These custom prints for flooring offer a professional signature on concrete surfaces for businesses and organizations. And these adhesive graphics are not limited to just business owners. Custom designs for concrete floors can be achieved by anyone with a ‘do it yourself‘ or ‘hands-on‘ mindset, which may include homeowners, craftsmen, aspiring artists and designers.

What are Vinyl Floor Decals?

Adhesive decals for concrete floors are made of vinyl and backed by an adhesive sticker. These high quality, floor sticker graphics are resilient to heavy foot traffic, easy to clean and scratch resistant. Do it yourself floor decals offer an inexpensive, yet eye catching promotional or directional tool for shopping malls, trade shows, retail facilities and showrooms. After you apply your floor decal to the designated surface area, apply a clear topcoat of epoxy, or for UV resistance, apply a polyaspartic/ polyurethane topcoat. This is required to protect your floor decal from harmful damage, while also illuminating the surface and creating a remarkable shine.

What are Vinyl Floor Stencils?

Vinyl stencils for concrete flooring are vinyl cutouts forming a specific design, intricate patterns, shapes, numbers or lettering. Vinyl stencils are merely placed on the designated surface area and once set in place, a concrete stain or dye is applied with an acetone pump sprayer to officially create the decorative effect. If you are doing an intricate design with multiple colors, than you will instead use application tools specifically designed for staining and dying, as well as other decorative concrete applications. There are unlimited design options to choose from when you stencil your concrete surfaces. You can create unique patterns to resemble different styles of decorative tile, like Spanish or Mediterranean. Stencil your business’s logo and a company slogan for commercial purposes, or enhance your entrance with grave detail by applying an attractive design like stars and moons, flowers or leaf shapes. Once you have applied your floor stencil, simply add a layer of protection with a concrete sealing chemical. Concrete sealers are used to protect the concrete from surface damage, corrosion, and staining. Most concrete damage is caused by surface moisture intrusion so it is ideal that you apply a reliable concrete surface sealer. Stenciling your floors is an inexpensive way to add style, hide imperfections or simply just create a lovely focal point in your home or business.


Custom vinyl floor prints for concrete surfaces are custom designed by you and professionally sized by the experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems to your exact preference. Once your custom vinyl stencil or decal has been printed, it is sent directly to your job site, residential home or commercial business specifically for your convenience. So if you have been seeking an easy and affordable solution to customizing the surface of your concrete floors, than consider our custom vinyl decals and stencils for your next flooring project.

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