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Since 1990, CS Unitec has developed a line of high-quality, professional power tools and non-sparking safety tools. Their pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and safety tools are designed for very demanding applications in construction, petrochemical, mining, marine and other industries. In 1991, CS Unitec developed the first pneumatic portable band saw (AirBand™) and the first air-powered concrete cutting chain saw. In the following 25+ years, CS Unitec has pioneered many other innovations, including the most powerful portable magnetic drills with forward and reverse, slip clutch diamond core drills, portable mixers, metal surface finishing tools, low-vibration needle scalers, subsea power tools, OEM motors and more. Call (877) 958-5264 with further questions regarding our selection of CS Unitec products.
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Pelican Cart with Canister | CS Unitec | Xtreme Polishing Systems PORTAMIX Pelican Cart
Our Price: $695.00
Updated Price: $553.85
Savings: $141.15
Hippo Mixer | Xtreme Polishing Systems Hippo MEGA Mixer
Our Price: $2,595.00
Hippo Mixer | Xtreme Polishing Systems Hippo PortaMix
Our Price: $2,845.00