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Concrete experiences constant weathering, which could exhaust the surface causing damage overtime, and devaluing those surfaces entirely. However, the process of removing or replacing a concrete substrate is costly to say the least, not to mention time-consuming. Concrete surfaces, especially floor surfaces, will endure a series of high-pressure impacts due to foot traffic, operating large and small pieces of equipment, as well as harsh chemical spills. Although concrete is considered the ideal choice for heavy-duty environments, even this material is not resilient forever. Ultimately all concrete substrates will reach their limit and succumb to the hardship it endures throughout its lifetime, losing its primary strength. Working in the field of professional concrete surface restoration for over a decade, the experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems have recognized only a few principal solutions that will help resolve the erosion of your concrete surfaces. Our collection of concrete floor densifiers and hardeners offer unparalleled strength, maximum durability, and superior performance to concrete substrates worldwide!

More often than not, the industry for concrete flooring will interchangeably use a specific set of terms to describe this exact category, which refers to 'hardener' and 'densifier'. Hardener is a term that indicates the strengthening properties in these solutions, and densifier is a term that emphasizes the process of minimizing the porosity of concrete surfaces. In other words, concrete floor densifiers and hardeners are a great representation of the dynamic evolution for creating harder and stronger concrete surfaces. The longevity of our concrete surfaces is going to be solely dependent on us and how we are able to clean, maintain, and protect them in the long run. The absolute best solution for creating resilient and smoother surfaces, while preventing the chance of premature depreciation of concrete is through the use of concrete densifiers and hardeners. Xtreme Polishing Systems provides a diverse selection of concrete densifiers and hardeners that were specially formulated to improve surface density, using natural aggregates, hardening agents, and other organic chemicals that fill the pores of concrete, physically hardening them and reducing the likeliness of dust collection on your surfaces. Assess your concrete surfaces today by complimenting them with our reliable collection of concrete floor densifiers and hardeners.

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