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For over 40 years, Aztec has been a trusted leader in the manufacturing and selling propane burnishers, propane floor strippers and polished concrete grinders to distributors, floor contractors, schools, universities, industrial facilities, and retail facilities. Aztec also does propane engine conversions for OEM with the lowest engine emissions in the industry. All of Aztec floor machines are proudly made in the USA, at a Philadelphia area factory. Aztec’s expertise and dedication to productivity in the floor machine industry make our machines the best choice for your budget and business.

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Aztec Grand Finale Floor Stripper | Xtreme Polishing Systems (877) 958-5264 Aztec Grand Finale

The Aztec Grand Finale is a daily maintenance finish applicator designed to complement the Sidewinder Stripping System, provides an easy, high speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of fresh finish. You’ll quickly recognize huge labor savings in the elimination of baseboard splash and product waste associated with finish puddling.

Our Price: $2,695.00
Aztec Lowrider Propane Floor Burnisher | Xtreme Polishing Systems (877) 958-5264 Aztec Low Rider

Aztec Lowrider Propane Floor Burnisher is newly designed and aggressively priced and has a rugged, solid steel body design with an ultra low 3¾” profile for buffing and polishing under racks and hard to reach areas. The LowRider also includes an advanced composite polymer pad driver and dust control upgrade, and is available in 21” (54cm), 24″ (61cm) and 27″ (68cm) pad sizes. Take me home for $61 a month!

Our Price: $3,658.00
Aztec Sidewinder Floor Burnisher & Polisher | Xtreme Polishing Systems (877) 958-5264 Aztec Sidewinder

The Aztec Sidewinder was designed for deep scrubbing and/or fast stripping of hard surface floors in preparation for top coat or restoring of tile, terrazzo or close-fitted tile. Take me home for $150 a month!

Our Price: $8,995.00