Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Resin Supply

Xtreme Polishing Systems is a full service, retail and training facility providing top of the line surface prep and concrete polishing products including concrete grinders and polishers, epoxy resin coatings, polyaspartic, grinding segments, polishing pads, polishing dyes, concrete densifier, and general concrete tools and supplies. Xtreme Polishing Systems' corporate office is located in South Florida, but we service the entire US, Canada and UK.

XPS is proud to carry Husqvarna, Ermator, Torginol, Metabo, Kemiko, Metzger/McGuire, HTC,  Scofield, Spartacote, Ameripolish, NewLook, Perfect Trac and CTS Cement Rapid Set - to name a few –  We manufacture and stock the highest quality diamonds and machinery to exceed the needs of small and large contractors in the concrete construction and resurfacing industry.

Whether you're a Start-up Business, Floor Contractor, DIYer, Craftsmen, Artist, DIY'er or Homeowner, our equipment, product selection and extensive industry experience will help guide you every step of your process. We ship internationally and throughout the United States. Please call 877-958-5264 today and we'll work together to supply you with the ideal machinery and concrete tooling solutions tailored for your business needs.

Xtreme Polishing Systems will be closing in late December for year end inventory and holidays. All orders must be received by December 20th by 3pm to be shipped out before cutoff. All locations will be closed on December 21st and will resume on January 2nd, 2020

Surface Prep & Building Materials

Our selection of concrete polishing supplies is very extensive and absolutely reliable by supplying heavy duty concrete equipment including floor grinders and polishers, industrial vacuum systems, edge grinders, floor scrubbers, mixers, hand-held grinders, scrapers, shot blasters, burnishers, and scarifiers. Xtreme’s eco-friendly concrete chemicals for concrete hardeners, cleaners, strippers, and sealers allow contractors a great alternative. If you are looking to brand a surface, we offer flooring stencils to make your mark. 

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Concrete Polishing Training & Certification

Epoxy Resin, Polyaspartic & Decorative Coatings 

Decorative Concrete has truly exceeded in popularity over the years. Xtreme supplies a beautiful selection of decorative finishes and blends including epoxy floor and countertop coatings, metallic and solid color pigments, ultra fine and chunky glitter, durable garage flake floor systems, and protective polyurethane top coats. We also provide accessories for decorative applications and offer 3D applications for flooring projects.

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Epoxy Coatings Training & Certification


Mammoth 800 Concrete Floor Grinder and Polishing Equipment | Xtreme Polishing Systems Mammoth Floor Grinder
Our Price: $19,995.00
Dust Control Storm LPG Vacuum Extractor | Xtreme Polishing Systems Dust Control Storm LPG
Our Price: $14,999.00


Blades & Bits provides a wide range of saw blades, core bits, cup wheels, tuck pointers, crown bits crack chasers, beveling tools and cutting saws that meet the needs of this industry’s ever changing challenges. Blades and Bits continues its time-honored tradition in supplying the industry with the finest tooling, available at the most reasonable pricing.

Leading the diamond blade industry for almost 30 years, Blades & Bits is the largest manufacturer and distributor of safe versatile, fast cutting and quality diamond tooling and equipment.

Diamond Saw Blades and Drill Bits | Cutting Tools & Saws | Blades and Bits


Blades & Bits offers a wide range of diamond saw blades and accessories, including green concrete blades, combo blades, tile saw blades, asphalt blades, core drills and bits, cured concrete saw blades, marble saw blades, cup wheels, masonry saw blades, tuck point blades, crack chasers, granite saw blades and general-purpose blades. Blades & Bits diamond blades are built for high performance using the best diamonds, and other top grades to ensure quality, power, and longevity.

Diamond Saw Blades and Drill Bits | Cutting Tools & Saws | Blades and Bits


When it comes to cutting through hard surfaces, having the right coring bits is essential to getting the job done right the first time. Blades & Bits’ selection of coring bits for diamond core drills are great for cutting through thick surfaces such as concrete, bricks, and other strong surfaces. With Blades & Bits’ core bits, you can create precise and smooth cuts through solid surfaces without damaging the surface or leaving unwanted rough edges. Not only are they durable enough to cut through concrete surfaces, but they are also made durable enough to withstand the most rugged treatment.