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Potassium Silica Concrete Densifier

Over time concrete flooring can begin to break down causing cracks and produce dust that can eventually become airborne. Sealing concrete with resin and protecting it with potassium silica concrete densifier can prevent unsightly discoloration and damage. Facilities that have high volumes of traffic either through production operations or retail sales can enhance the look of their building by restoring and polishing their concrete.

Benefits of Restoring Concrete

Concrete restoration offers many benefits that can beautify and strengthen your existing floor.
  • Seals

  • Protects

  • Increases reflectivity

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Not only do concrete densifiers seal and protect floor surfaces, they increase reflectivity. Unsealed concrete absorbs light. Concrete that has been sealed with a concrete densifier will actually reflect light making the area seem brighter.

The smooth, polished surface makes for easier cleaning as well. No more cracks and fissures for dust to accumulate in and, best of all, fewer chances of chipping off pieces of old concrete. Sealing the floor to prevent water from seeping into the cracks and creating moist areas that can compromise stability of the floor.

How Potassium Silica Concrete Densifier Works

Xtreme Polishing Systems customizes a restoration plan for customers on an individual basis. Applying Potassium Silica Concrete Densifier fills in cracks, pits and fissures providing a durable seal that prevents dust, dirt and other contaminants from adhering to the floor's surface. Polishing the floor gives it a glossy shine that reflects light back up into the area. Once the floor is sealed and polished, proper maintenance will keep it looking showroom ready.
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