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How to Polish Concrete Floors

Imagine a polished concrete floor as shiny as smooth as gloss that not only looks awesome, functional, hygiene, but also extremely easy to maintain. Thanks to the recent advancement in the concrete floor polishing industry catching on millions people attention and giving you the most dazzling looks to your concrete floor. Have a look at some polished concrete pictures here. It is no wonder that more and more commercial properties are opting for polished concrete floors. For polishing concrete floors (industrial, retail, commercial and residential floors) give us the opportunity to provide concrete floor polishing in the best budget you are looking for.

Polished concrete is ideal for those who want a stylish yet easy to maintain floor that can withstand the abuse of everyday life.

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How to Polished Concrete Flooring?

  • Polish with sanding pads and grinders
  • Concrete floor polishing is done with sanding pads and grinders until the floor gets sizzling appearance. Polishing concrete is not a do-it-yourself job; it requires the specialists and special equipments. A contractor like us with 15 year experience in flooring industry can transform your concrete floor in a most economical and convenient style.

  • Dry or wet polish
  • We carry out the concrete floor polishing with a combination of two processes. Wet Polishing and Dry Polishing.

    Wet polishing: As the name suggests wet polishing use water to minimize the dust and settle down the diamond abrasives.
    Dry Polishing: With dry polishing, concrete is removed from by using metal- bonded adhesives. The whole process is kept dry.

    We apply penetrating hardeners to the concrete if the existing floor surface needs to be solidified. This usually happens after first stage of the grinding process. The hardeners can be used on both old or new floors and react chemically with the concrete to result in a hard crystalline.

    Additionally, the hardeners offer further protection from staining and water penetration and also prevent the concrete dusting.

    Concrete floor polishing when accurately done can bring depth and detail to an ordinary surface and save you both money and headache in the long run. Xtreme Polishing Systems welcomes home and business owners, architects, designers, facility owners, engineers, and contractors to collaborate with them.

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