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Shop our selection of quality flooring tools and accessories like Slip and Gloss Meters Kits, Epoxy Spike Shoes, MOH Hardness Kits, Floor Squeegee’s and more!

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Slip Meter Kit Gloss Meter Kit for Polished Concrete Floors Dura Cover Proguard Hepa Air Purifier | Air Genie | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Slip Meter Kit
Our Price: $1,795.00
Gloss Meter Kit
Our Price: $550.00
Microfiber Floor Care Kit Moh Hardness Kit Concrete & Stone Hardness Tester Tool | Xtreme Polishing System Epoxy "Pro Spike" Shoes | Polishing Accessories | Xtreme Polishing Systems Floor Squeegee
Microfiber Floor Care Kit
Our Price: $139.00
MOH Hardness Kit
Our Price: $125.00
Epoxy Shoes
Our Price: $79.99

Floor Squeegee
Our Price: $73.50
Industrial Broom Magic Trowel | Home Builders | Xtreme (877) 958-5264 Big Ben Roller Frame | Wooster | Xtreme (877) 958-5264 4inch Applicator Brushes | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Industrial Broom
Our Price: $66.00
Magic Trowel
Our Price: $23.45
8inch Applicator Brushes | Xtreme Polishing Systems 3inch Applicator Brushes | Xtreme Polishing Systems Microfiber Wet Pad Angel Hair Mop Heads
Microfiber Wet Pad
Our Price: $7.00
Angel Hair Mop Heads
Our Price: $7.00

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