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Epoxy Floor Coatings

We do epoxy concrete floor coatings for our customer base. We understand that to create an atmosphere of any workplace decor of that place is really essential. Whether it is a school or office, floorings play a major part. Epoxy concrete floor coatings are available in many options. We recommend you to choose according to your need. If your industrial area needs coating we make the coating which is easy to clean, strong, seamless, resilient, impact resistant and obviously attractive. Epoxy concrete floor coatings are durable and can take lot of pressure.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring designed by us will surely make your need fulfill with beautiful solutions. This is durable and strong. They are designed keeping in mind your requirements. Once we understand your requirement we start working for you. We also consider the operating conditions of your work. Epoxy flooring Florida offers you a whole line of floor polishing solutions. We offer various palettes of colors and finishing options. We offer high gloss coatings with smooth looks. We keep in mind that positive non-slip footing and durability makes flooring comfortable to walk.

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Epoxy garage floors, done by us helps you to work with heavy machines and loads for years. We offer solutions after knowing your work type and nature. We design storage place, parking place, hangars, warehouse floors, repairing area keeping in mind the nature of work. The area of the entrance for heavy wheelers will have strong flooring to cope up. Polished Garage floors with epoxy covering is durable and strong to make work easier and smooth.

Our Epoxy Floor Coat, is designed for your place after understanding your need. Concrete is by itself a strong material which is used for garage and places with heavy loads. If you have one such place, concrete floor epoxy coating is just perfect for you. Read more about our industrial epoxy flooring coatings - No matter what your requirement is we are there to help you with that requirement in your budget. Contact us for your industrial, retail and commercial flooring solutions.

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Concrete Acrylic Primer - CTS Cement Rapid Set  - Xtreme Polishing Systems
Rapid Set Acrylic Primer
Our Price: $38.00

If you’d like to simplify your TRU Self Leveling projects, use Rapid Set Acrylic Primer to improve the adhesion of TRU Self Leveling to properly prepared concrete. You can also seal porous concrete surfaces to prevent pinholes and bubbles from forming in the finished surface with Rapid Set Acrylic Primer.

Rapid Set ACRYLIC PRIMER is a concentrated acrylic primer that improves the adhesion of Rapid Set self-leveling flooring products to prepared concrete. Acrylic Primer acts to preven pinholes from forming in the finished sufaces.

1 Gallon